Baiji refinery still under siege

Baiji militant resized

Insurgents control the area around Iraq's largest refinery, although their attacks have been consistently repelled by elite Iraqi commandos and helicopter gunships.

  • Q&A: Falah Mustafa Bakir

    Falah Mustafa Bakir resized

    Kurdistan's top ambassador says KRG territory now irreversibly includes the Kirkuk oil field, in a "new reality" of almost total Kurdish independence.

  • Q&A: Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Lukman Faily

    Lukman Faily, Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S., speaks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC on April 23, 2014. (Photo credit: CSIS)

    The Iraqi ambassador discusses stepped-up military cooperation with the U.S., the ongoing sectarian violence in Iraq, and the politics of government formation.

Kirkuk oil starts to flow into Kurdistan

A worker maintains production at the North Oil Company in Kirkuk.

The integration of Kirkuk oil fields into Kurdistan's pipeline network promises to escalate tensions with Baghdad and raise difficult questions over how to manage oil flows and revenue.

Basra negotiates Iran gas pipeline

Demonstrators chant slogans during a protest in Basra

A bilateral gas pipeline deal between Basra province and Iran could circumvent Baghdad's energy sector authority and conflict with UN sanctions.